3 questions (ou plus) à Mock & Toof

A l’occasion de la sortie de leur nouvel album Temporary Happiness, le duo londonien Mock & Toof a gentiment répondu à nos questions.

Can you present who is Mock and who is Toof? What is your musical background?

Duncan Stump : The names were never officially assigned to either of us but over time. I have become more Mock & Nick more Toof. My ‘musical background’ is rooted in being a music enthusiast first & foremost, from collector to DJ to producer/pseudo-musician.

Nick Woolfson : I am Toof (although I wish I was Mock). I started as a keyboard player in a gigging band but embraced computers, samplers and technology and got right into club music in the 90’s ranging from acid house through to electronica with lots of genres in between.

How would you define your new album Temporary Happiness? And in comparison with your debut album Tuning Echoes?

DS : Hard to define but comparing it to Tuning Echoes you could say it’s a bit darker, the songs a little less structured but still very much a Mock & Toof record. Polly & Gavin, who sang on the first album, don’t feature -instead we have just the one vocalist, Ghostape, who gives the album a more complete feel.

NW : Temporary Happiness is a more concise album than Tuning Echoes. The objective was to create an album using limited equipment and technology and getting the most out of the gear we were using. Tuning Echoes was a collection of songs and tracks put together to form the album and was more diverse.

A lot of enthusiasm, and happiness shines through your songs. Why did you have « Temporary » in the title of the album?

DS: I don’t think you should ever give away the meaning of a title. It’s there to be worked out and made to mean something by those who listen to it…let’s just say the two words sit together well.

How did you work on this album? Can you have some words on the collaboration with Ghostape?

DS: I would work on tracks at my place & then go see Nick in his studio where we would develop them. It was the usual painful process of conflicting tastes & ideas, putting square pegs in round holes until something worked etc…emotional music comes from struggle! We would then send ideas off to Ghostape, who we discovered on the internet by chance, and see what he would come up with. He’s a very talented, savvy & versatile musician…I expect he will do very well in the future.

NW: This album was a combination of writing at home and then meeting in the studio as time and distance are always a problem for us so it took some time to finish. Ghostape was sent backing track ideas and responded with vocal ideas which we would then develop and we would send files back and forth till we were all happy.

Some shows are already planned in Paris?

NW: Not yet but we are working on the new live set and would love to come back to Paris!

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