3 questions ou plus (en VO) à Rachel Sermanni

For the french audience, that has just discovered you, could you please present yourself, and your musical background?

Rachel Sermanni : I am called Rachel Sermanni. I have had a nice and creative journey that stemmed from learning about and playing music of all sorts in the highlands of Scotland, leading to performing my own songs in Glasgow after leaving school at 17. Since then I have taken my songs all over the world to play for good people.

And your band?

My band was solidified in the recording of the album. Three fiddle players, a pianist, double bassist, electric guitarist and 2 percussionists. This is, you can see, a large band. I have never toured with all of them.

I do most touring solo. But sometimes I play with two or three fiddles and a piano.

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Your first LP Under Mountains, is just released in France, how the songs came alive?

The first of the songs were written when I was still in school. The collection spans about 5 years of my living life.

I have sculpted them with the help of new company and slight musical maturing. But there is always still much to learn within composition both musically and conceptually.

What was your source of inspiration?

Many things. Many of the songs contain images first illuminated in my dreams.

How would you define your folk?

Je ne sais pas.

Do you agree if we say « refined, lyrical, and natural folk, connected to nature and elements » ?

Yes. Partly. But…everything is connected to nature and elements. It’s a big thought. C’est grand.

Can you have some words about your song Bones?

The first lines of this song were written in a hotel room in Jordan when I was over there on a musical project.

I was obsessing over the idea of the soul being a being inside the body and how, so many times, the mind and body refuses to listen to the soul, and the soul is the very true essence of the person. It causes a split in the person. It causes problems. It is important to listen to the soul. I find meditation helps…

You are a young artist. What is your opinion on the Internet?

It is useful and very educational but sometimes, especially when you have any form of a ‘public profile’ it can swallow you up and be very dangerous if you indulge yourself in all that is said or shown of you. It is important but not as important ad true human connection.

Are you active on twitter / facebook / youtube?

Yes I am. I draw pictures and post them. I have online competitions. I do quite a lot of blogging on my tumblr: www.rachel-sermanni.tumblr.com

Are some gigs already planned in France?

Yes. I think so. But not confirmed yet…

To conclude : What does a 20 years old artist with a first album just released dream of?

Having a space with a bed, a cooker, a sink and many instruments.

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